Now with vitamins and minerals.

Tucking this away

to revisit when I can: managing grief in academia.

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Jinker Boy and I

are binge-watchting Doctor Who. We caught up with the current incarnation and have now circled back to the original series. It’s fascinating. Last night we watched one of the lost series, … Continue reading

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Yes, yes,

this sort of clueless OCD editing is quite a problem. But the Wikipedia article I originated on women’s writing in English is referred to in the The New York Review of Books, and that … Continue reading

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Roots of SF

Some useful references here and here.

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19thc knitting online

Digitized texts from Richard Rutt’s collection at the Winchester School of Art, University of Southhampton. The same library holds the Montse Stanley Collection and the Jane Waller Collection, all part … Continue reading

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Breaking my slack-arsed silence

to post this marvellous story about a series of beautiful miniature paper sculptures appearing in various bookish locations in Scotland:

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London Lives

Note to self: London Lives, 1690 — 1800.

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to that last, thought I would mention the knitted skeleton and the crocheted apartment. Though I will always have a soft spot for the modest knitted dissected frog.

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Well that was unexpected

Alicia Ross’s Love Swing (2006), “a piece that speaks to the wavering stability between woman as nurturer and woman as object of sexual desire.” Don’t know what the yarn is … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens on the connections between literary voice, and literal voice. “Novel Academic Novels“, Emily Toth, The Chronicle of Higher Education (5 June/11): reading list that prompted me to download Terry … Continue reading

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