Now with vitamins and minerals.

So I haven’t really been offline

for the last several months. Far from it. For one thing, I have developed an enduring ebay addiction. Perhaps more productively, I have spent a lot of time on Wikipedia. Need to spend more, in fact, as I have got myself on a conference panel which is to discuss Wikipedia and teaching the 18thc. More recently, I was invited onto Facebook by an old friend in another province whom I rarely see, so even though that sort of social software had never appealed before, I signed up. Shortly thereafter various other people I knew popped up as Facebook friends. I haven’t really explored it all that much, and following some links of Sharon Brogan’s, I was again put off. Not enough to remove the page; there is, after all, that little-seen friend, and now my cousin, and his girlfriend, and two blogging friends, and a soon-to-be-moving-to-Chile friend. So we will see. Further web-tentacles: the Jinker Boy has recently become interested in Webkinz®. He needs me to read most messages, however, and if I didn’t bank him points from the Arcade his Webkinz® pal would still be living in an empty room. Which reminds me: an eleven years-old friend of ours prematurely introduced JB to Neopets® last summer and somewhere out there in cyberspace is a starving, shivering, orphaned ghost of a Neopet®.

Sometimes I think of it.

But to the point: all this time I have been away from blogging, I have still been composing abortive openings to posts in my mind, or thinking, “I should blog such-and-such.” But the old blog has for some time seemed top-heavy. Too much icing and not enough cake. But the thought of starting from scratch — to continue the baking metaphor — was exhausting. So here we are at

So what’s wrong with cake mix?

Addendum (7/8/07): More on Facebook at Early Modern Notes. Consensus? Okay, I guess. Profgrrrrl ponders Facebook etiquette.


8 comments on “So I haven’t really been offline

  1. Kristine
    August 6, 2007

    Cake mix rules! I’m glad you’re back. Those snapshots are nice, by the way, I’m going to check out how you did that.

  2. SB
    August 7, 2007

    *Love* the banner! As you know, I’m an icing-type person, so I’ll be watching with interest what does & does not get added to this blog.

    After all, I learned from you.

    & I’m actually enjoying Facebook, for just the reason you state — regular contact with people from my real life.

    Also, lots of icing.

  3. Brian
    August 7, 2007

    Glad to see you come back to the blogging world.

    I loved Facebook for keeping intouch while I was away in France, but it can be more of a hindrance at times.

  4. Inkslinger
    August 7, 2007

    So glad you’re back blogging. You’ve been sorely missed. As for Facebook and icing: I have carefully avoided the former and highly approve of the latter (though more cake is just as welcome). Yay for baking metaphors in general. But now I’m hungry.

  5. Krista
    August 8, 2007

    Dude! I missed you!

  6. Mr. Kong
    August 15, 2007

    Hmm. Hurray!

  7. SudsMuffin
    September 9, 2007

    I’m glad to have found your blog. I love your footsie banner. Please feel free to take a gander at my blog when you have a moment. I’m not an eBay addict but the wife is quite fond of Etsy, if you haven’t discovered that one yet. :)

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