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Things have exploded

at my uni and I am spending all available time on that. If you have a strong stomach, read all the gruesome details on the purpose-built blog. In a nutshell: the [tick all that apply: ◊hapless ◊incompetent ◊bought and paid for ◊banal, in an evil way ◊did I say hapless?] provincial govt. commissioned a couple of people with a pro-polytechnic agenda to do a report on the state of higher education in the province and — surprise! — polytechnics are the best thing since sliced bread, a new “third way” for higher education, so much so that they have recommended that our uni campus be decommisioned and replaced with — wait for it — a polytechnic. I suppose we can console ourselves with the knowledge that we will finally be unique among institutions of higher education, as all the others are trying to climb UP the food chain.

Anyway. Busy busy.


4 comments on “Things have exploded

  1. Ancarett
    September 16, 2007

    Eek! I wish you luck in this fight — it’s certainly incomprehensible that they’d seek to downsize and degrade the options available to people in Saint John.

  2. Miriam Jones
    September 17, 2007

    Thanks, Ancarett. Any and all support, in the way of positive thoughts or, preferably, irate emails to N.B. provincial politicians, are gratefully accepted. If they could understand how ridiculous decommissioning a perfectly healthy, if underfunded, forty-year old campus will make them look nationally, perhaps they will think twice.

  3. david
    September 18, 2007

    I think that’s a great idea…

    Seriously, what would convince someone to try to make a university a technical school? Do they hate learning or something?

  4. Miriam Jones
    September 18, 2007

    Well, not that they would admit, but yes, that seems clear. The main movers of this thing are business interests who want more of a say. IThe two commissioners are both involved in advocacy for polytechnics as a “third way” in higher education. Look at the blog for more info.

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