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In the mood

Came across the following sonnet and had to share:

John Davies of Hereford, Wittes Pilgrimage, Sonnet 29

Some say the Weezel-masculine doth gender
With the Shee-Weezel only at the Eare
And she her Burden at hir Mouth doth render;
The like (sweet Love) doth in our love appear:
For I (as Masculine) beget in Thee
Love, at the Eare, which thou bearst at the Mouth
And though It came from Hart, and Reynes of me
From the Teeth outward It in thee hath growth.
My Mouth, thine Eares, doth ever chastly use
With putting in hot Seed of active Love;
Which, streight thine Ear conveyeth (like a Sluce)
Into thy Mouth; and, there but Aire doth prove:
Yet Aire is active; but, not like the fire
Then O how should the Sonne be like the Sire?

Beats “The Flea,” I’d say, at least for the incredulity factor.


2 comments on “In the mood

  1. Amanda
    August 21, 2008

    Wow. John Davies of Hereford beats even Barnabe Barnes (who wrote a sonnet about wanting to be the wine his mistress drank) for bizarre and vaguely icky conceits.

  2. Adam Roberts
    August 29, 2008

    Good grief that’s filthy. But in a good way.

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