Now with vitamins and minerals.


Christopher Hitchens on the connections between literary voice, and literal voice.

Novel Academic Novels“, Emily Toth, The Chronicle of Higher Education (5 June/11): reading list that prompted me to download Terry Prachett’s Unseen Academicals.

Why We Write About Grief“, Joyce Carol Oates and Meghan O’Rourke, The New York Times (26 Feb./11).

Cult Stud Mugged: Why We Should Stop Worrying and Learn To Love a Hip English Professor“, Kevin Mattson, Dissent (31 Jan./11).

With these reversals in view, let me go full circle and propose a master narrative for contemporary American intellectual life: the silliness of the nineties has melted into a seriousness for the 2000s (and hopefully beyond). It feels as if the country’s going through a change similar to that from the twenties to the thirties.

The Case Against Economic Disaster Porn: Stop slobbering over abandoned cityscapes!” Noreen Malone, The New Republic (22 Jan./11).

How novels came to terms with the internet“, Laura Miller, The Guardian (15 Jan./11): Ignores SFF but then deals at length with an arguably slipstream writer.


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