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On public intellectuals

From “Why don’t we love our intellectuals?” John Naughton, The Observer (8 May 2011): So let us cast off the inferiority complex towards the cerebral continent and move on to … Continue reading

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Typography and yarn, together at last

ow this is fabulous: Susette Newberry has been working on an abecedarium of knitted letters. Nothing posted since “T” last November; assuming “U” will be jaw-dropping when it comes. Thanks … Continue reading

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Some interesting knitting links

Yarnbombing: Yarn bombing: improving the urban landscape one stitch at a time Ladies fancywork society Yarn bombing UK DIY urban knitting: the world’s most inoffensive graffiti “a collaborative fibre … Continue reading

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I can’t believe

I missed Geek Pride Day! Have become a knitting geek these past few months. No doubt it is avoidance of various sorts, as well as the most recent manifestation of … Continue reading

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Two great loves, together at last


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Beam me up.

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Book arts and words, locally

Three bookish events of note happening in the vicinity: Exhibition: “The Art of the Book” at the Harriet Irving Library, UNB, Fredericton campus, courtesy of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book … Continue reading

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Those of you who,

like me, go on a reading binge once marking is finished: you may want to give Amazon a pass. It turns out they have a shockingly, if inconsistently, homophobic glitch … Continue reading

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Note to self:

Find Sean Shesgreen’s article on the NAEL, in Critical Inquiry (via). His stuff on street literature is really good; be interesting to read his take on how the other half … Continue reading

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New blogging project:

Stories my father told me.

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